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12W Ultra Slim Ceiling Recessed Panel light

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Product Description


Product description

This Round 12W Ultra Slim LED Panel features an SMD2835 light source LED chip which provides high quality lighting that's distributed over a 120º angle. Its main characteristic is its slim, innovative and modern design. It also features a frosted diffuser, which offers a semi-diffused light that is ideal for commercial or domestic use. With a wide 120° opening angle, it's able to light a large area with high efficiency. Included is a high quality aluminium heat sink to minimize heat emissions, making this downlight perfect for areas that need to be lit during long periods of time.

Thanks to its features, it's perfect for replacing halogen luminaires and it has a 30,000 hour lifespan. With a 5 Year Guarantee.


Advantages of this Round 12W Ultra Slim LED Panel

The main advantage of this LED lighting is the reduced size, allowing it to be installed in very narrow false ceilings. At the same time, it reduces consumption and is very durable, allowing you to drastically reduce the cost of your electricity bill and also reduce maintenance and the replacement of the lights.


When people think about LEDs, often a visual of harsh blue light comes to mind. However, there is a whole scale (the Kelvin scale to be exact) that measures the colour temperature of light ranging from orangey-red (think match flame) to white, and then to blue (think deep blue clear sky). LEDs come in this entire range which is listed as the Correlated Colour Temperature or “CCT” which is measured and expressed in degrees Kelvin. The CCT can have a dramatic effect in both mood and function on your environment. Basically, the lower the Kelvin, the warmer the light, and the higher the Kelvin, the whiter or bluer the light.


So which CCT should you purchase?

It depends on the mood and feel you’re trying to create within your environment. Traditional incandescent light bulbs are known for creating a warm, cosy feel. They typically run from 2700-3000K. So if you’re switching from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs and you want the same light colour, purchase LEDs within this same “soft or warm white” range.


Wanting to create a more crisp and energetic feel? Purchase lights within the 4000K and higher range. This range is more conducive for work and learning environments, as well as productivity, since the whiter light colour will keep you more alert. Once you hit 6000K and higher, the light will begin to take on a bluish tone.








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